Climate Services in the Joint Agenda of CENN and the National Environmental Agency (NEA) 

Memorandum of Understanding was signed between CENN and the National Environmental Agency (NEA) to work on climate services. The goal of the Memorandum is to expand and strengthen the existing cooperation between CENN’s I-CISK project and the NEA.   Within the project, the parties will develop a streamflow prediction system in the Alazani River basin with the involvement of international experts from the partner organizations.   Within the initiative, CENN has already handed over 4 battery charges of hydrometeorological stations to the NEA. The chargers will be used to charge stations in the Alazani River basin in order to effectively collect hydrometeorological data. The cooperation was made within the Innovating Climate Services through Integrating Scientific and Local Knowledge (I-CISK) project, financially supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The project is being implemented by the Institute for Water Educational (IHE Delft) together with a consortium of 13 member organizations. CENN represents the project in Georgia since 2021. The National Environmental Agency is the main partner of CENN within the project.  

The main objective of the I-CISK project is to develop next-generation CS that follows a social and behaviorally-informed approach for co-producing CS that meet the climate information needs of citizens, decision makers and stakeholders at the spatial and temporal scale relevant to them. Within the project, a multi-actor platform has already been established in the Alazani River basin consisting of 17 representatives within the private and state sector. The platform identifies climate change-related challenges in the Alazani River basin and defines relevant research topics.