I-CISK accepts young researchers in the project

As part of our consortium, I-CISK is happy to welcome a pool of young researchers – Balbina Nyamakura and Nikoletta Ropero Szymañskawho will be intricately linked with several core activities of the project, and will be instrumental in helping the project achieve its objectives. You can check our researchers’ field of work and bios at our website.

Balbina Nyamakura (Binny)

Balbina Nyamakura (Binny)

Balbina holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental and Geographical Science from The University of Cape Town. Her research background is in disaster risk reduction, cross-sector collaboration, collaborative disaster response, and climate change adaptation specifically in African Country contexts.

Balbina is now a PhD Candidate at IHE Delft as part of the I-CISK project. Her research will focus on the process of co-creation; and its implications on the production, use, and sustainability of a human-centred climate service.

Prior to joining IHE, Balbina worked as a researcher in interdisciplinary projects at the interface between academia and NGOs sectors. Her role involved drawing on methods embodied by co-production to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder learning engagements that provide safe, open, and interactive platforms to generate knowledge.

Fun Fact: Balbina used to be a stand-up comedian in her undergraduate years.

Nikoletta Ropero Szymañska

Nikoletta Ropero Szymañska

An environmental science graduate from the King Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain), Nikol has a master’s degree in biodiversity conservation techniques. However, her professional experience has always been closely tied to working with water and people. Especially in the integration of local knowledge into scientific knowledge.
Currently, Nikol is a PhD candidate at the Complutense University of Madrid in the framework of the I-CISK project. Her work will focus on the living laboratory in Andalusia (Spain). In her research she will focus on the hydrological knowledge of the region and the contribution and effect of climate services to adaptation measures, both on the ecosystem and on the economy.
Fun fact: despite her Polish and Spanish roots, she does not drink alcohol, not even wine! 

Abidemi Bamidele

Abidemi is a passionate water-friendly student who graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta in Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree in water resources management and agrometeorology. He is a master’s degree student at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, where he is specializing in hydrology and water resources. He is working at the I-CISK living lab countries, concentrating on the meteorological and climatological drivers of droughts, with a particular emphasis on Georgia. He also wants to establish a connection between Georgia’s hydrological drought and meteorological drought. Before departing for his studies, Abidemi worked as a hydrologist at Favour Consult Limited in Nigeria. Abidemi stands out for his eagerness to study and pick up new skills. Abidemi enjoys playing and watching football, which is an interesting fact about him.