Participation of the Los Pedroches Rural Development Group in a Horizon Europe project

We are happy to inform you that the Los Pedroches Rural Development Group, a member of the Spanish Living Lab, will be part of the MONALISA project – 101157867 – GAP-101157867, recently funded in a competitive Horizon Europe call. Invited by CREAF, Adroches successfully got involved as a partner in the project consortium and will engage as a local actor for one of the study areas.

The MONALISA project is focused on innovation and prevention of desertification in areas in danger of desertification and is built based on Living Laboratories where innovations are presented and discussed together with local actors. Those proposals considered interesting are then implemented and their impact is subsequently evaluated.

Adroches’ role in the project is an crucial one, provided its historical and ongoing experience in the region, it is the best partner to locally lead the project and manage the Living Laboratory, as well as to guarantee its credibility and future continuity.

We are very happy with this new opportunity, providing additional significance and a partial continuity to our common work in I-CISK. Congratulations!