The countryside is experiencing a second spring with rains that have not yet reached the aquifer

The week of November 20, Nikoletta Ropero, from the UCM I-CISK team, visited the Los Pedroches region again for the second campaign to measure the groundwater level in the Los Pedroches aquifer.

Without drinking water in the taps since April, the situation in the reservoirs and aquifers of the Region has not changed substantially since the last visit of the UCM team in April. The German public television ZDF has echoed the problems that the region is going through in a report filmed precisely during the field days (link here).

Despite a rainy September that has given way to a “first” spring (since there was none in April), no increase in the water table was found.

The data collected in this sampling campaign is currently being processed to better understand the evolution of the aquifer’s dynamics in the different areas of the Region. However, in those wells that were measured in April and again in this second campaign, the water levels have decreased an average of 0.5 meters, with ranges of between 0.20 and up to 2 meters, with the exception of the municipality of Pedroches and some other specific points, where the level has risen.

Although these are very preliminary results, we hope to provide more detailed information on the functioning of the aquifer over the next year.

This work would not be possible without the support and collaboration of all farmers who participated, that is why we want to thank you deeply for your dedication and your time.