The Italian Living Lab – meeting with stakeholders during the worst drought ever in summer 2022

“Drought in summer 2022”, courtesy of Emilia Romagna Region

Late July 2022, during the worst drought ever, meeting with Stakeholders took place in Italian Living Lab for an open discussion in the frameworks of the ongoing extreme drought.

The drought offered a unique chance to spot a light on water scarcity and related adaptation both in the regional context and in specific on the study area of Secchia River. A set of adaptation strategies have been put in place from various perspectives (water users, permitting authorities) and their limitations have been touched (as never before) by hand.

The 12 involved people, representing the core users in the area (hydropower to agriculture, industry) and competent authorities (Regional government and Environmental agency), starting from the extreme conditions faced during the ongoing season, moved forward and sketched ideas for further adaptation, reflecting on the value of forecasts (short and long term) to support decisions in case of drought and to train final users to deal with water scarcity.