Bringing the stakeholders closer to the project partners – Crete’s LL hybrid multi-stakeholder meeting

The Crete Living Lab (Greece) lunched a wide, open hybrid multi-stakeholder platform meeting on November 11th 2022. The meeting was a great success, bringing together a diverse group of individuals from across various industries to discuss the creation of a climate service for the tourism sector. Five organizations were represented by ten participants, gathered in the coastal city of Rethymno, at the Municipal Port Fund which hosted the meeting. The meeting was formed in a hybrid format, supporting both physical presence and on-line attendance to allow for direct interaction among the local stakeholders and the project partners and researchers from various LLs and countries, opening in this way the Crete LL to the whole I-CISK project. Furthermore, observers from the airport sector attended and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the project, considering further engagement in the I-CISK effort. The Climate Services developed in the project will help to assess the synergistic effects of multiple climatic threats on the multi-sectoral field of tourism, including water and energy needs (availability of resources), infrastructure (e.g. resorts, ports, marinas, roads, etc.), physical security due to extreme event (flooding, surging, etc.) and ambient conditions.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss with partners from various scientific fields the importance of identifying and addressing the gaps of Climatic Services, to ensure that the climate service for tourism is effective in meeting the needs of different user groups. Expectations, potential for development, availability of climatic information and uncertainties were the center of discussion, providing the participants a deeper understanding on these critical issues.