Pioneering Hydro-Climate Insights at the HEPEX 2023 Workshop

From September 13 -15, 2023, the global hydrological community turned its eyes toward Norrköping, Sweden, where the highly anticipated HEPEX workshop “Forecasting across spatial scales and time horizons” took place. The event drew a crowd of more than 100 experts (on-site and online) from around the world, all eager to dive into the latest advances in hydrological predictions and climate services. Partners from I-CISK were present to communicate the project’s insights to the global community.

Participants in the HEPEX 2023 workshop

Micha Werner (IHE-Delft) took the stage in a session dedicated to enhancing early warnings and hydro-climate services, where he presented the aims and current progress of the I-CISK project. Notably, he emphasised the role of local knowledge in shaping climate services, arguing that it is not just about local data but also the local interpretation of the information.

The work showcased by I-CISK at the HEPEX 2023 workshop contributes to the increasingly trans-disciplinary insights on forecasting, early warning and climate services, working across scientific communities to on innovations that promising a future where data providers, service purveyors and local users come together to build resilient communities.