Sustainable Water Management in Castellarano (RE): Exploring innovative solutions for a water resilient future

The Italian Living Lab continues to make strides successfully. In July 2023, an insightful field trip was carried out at the hydraulic around the Castellarano weir on the Secchia River with the support of the Emilia Central Reclamation Board.

Visit participants – including the Emilia-Romagna Region, Arpae, GECOsistema, CMCC, Emilia Central Reclamation Board, Burana Reclamation Board, IRETI, and Aren-EP delved into the workings of the hydraulic regulation and derivation systems. They shared their respective experiences, needs, and challenges in water management, ranging from irrigation and industrial supply to hydroelectric power and environmental protection, particularly during the summer months.

The sustainable use of water resources in Castellarano, emblematic of other waterways in the regional territory and challenged by climate change, is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive. The Laboratory is actively developing, thanks to the I-CISK project, a prototype system for predicting incoming resources based on data gathered from the regional monitoring network we also had the chance to visit during the field trip.