The I-CISK project participated the EU Knowledge Sharing Event

The I-CISK project coordinators, Dr. Micha Werner and Dr. Ilyas Masih, participated in an EU policy event held online on 28-29 March, 2023. This 1st climate change clustering event was the fifth edition of the EU Knowledge Sharing Event, organised by CINEA in cooperation with DG Research and Innovation and DG Climate Action. The event brought together Climate projects to share their recent policy-relevant insights and provide an opportunity to exchange views with EU policy makers. It also aimed at spurring closer cooperation between EU projects and facilitating synergies between different projects.

The I-CISK approach of involving multiple actors, including gender participation in the I-CISK living labs, was presented by Dr. Ilyas Masih. He highlighted the role of women in leading the I-CISK living labs (four out of seven are led by women) in Europe and Africa. He also shared I-CISK’s strategy to offer equal opportunities to both men and women in the co-creation process, capacity development and exploitation of key outputs (e.g., pre-operational climate services) to be generated through the I-CISK project. Ilyas’ presentation was part of the session on gender dimensions and behavioural change. The session was attended by over 70 participants, including representatives of different Policy Directorates of the European Commission. The keynote presentations and discussion generated some useful insights on gender dimensions of climate change, and the role of lifestyle & behavioural changes in achieving the climate change targets.