The Italian Living Lab 2023 Workshop – another step in shaping a sustainable future of water resources management

Thanks to all the Stakeholders and invited speakers joining the successful Italian Lab on Water Resources Workshop held on 29th March 2023!

Figure 1 – Castellarano Weir, an   hydraulic node view from upstream
Figure 1 – Castellarano Weir, an   hydraulic node view from upstream

While Italy is preparing to  another year of severe drought  the workshop featured  insightful discussions on water resource management, climate change scenarios, and possible  interventions, supported by an innovative Climate Service on water availability forecast. Expert speakers from CMCC, GECOSistema, and ISTAT shared their expertise on topics such as drought impacts and water stress, economic models, and related decision-making processes.

The workshop provided valuable insights and feedback from Stakeholders perspectives (6 different public/private organizations involved in the water management sector) on how to use climate change information and water resources forecast for adaptation decisions and explored potential evolutions of regional policies.

We appreciated active participation in shaping a sustainable future of water resources management, stay tuned for further events and news!